måndag 28 juni 2010

Midsummer in Sweden

My beautiful sweet sparkle, Tindra, in her midsummer dress with Daisies in her hair. We stayed at mum´s place ´till evening with a break for going to the dance in Sannahed wher grandpa Bosse was.

Folkdancers dancing and celebrating midsummer at Sannahed.

Tindra in her full glory -but without her crown of Daisies.

My darling and dashing son, Rasmus, in his midsummer outfit and new Converse sneakers. They fitted perfectly and so did Tindras pink ones.

Father and son

My midsummer cake with a lot of vanilla custard and strawberry/banana filling.

Tindra and her friend Filippa is dancing with Filippa´s mum and little sister at Sannahed. My son was not so interested in dancing with somone but thought it was Ok to "dance" with someTHING!
At nighttime Tindra made a dress change so she could play with the children at Katta & Gabbe´s place.

People, dogs, BBQ and flowers in plenty...
The Mrs of the house, Katta.
Håkan and Gabbe had a few beers and laughs before the children started to show signs of bedtime...
Bye for now,

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